Melody in C major

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A short melody in C major that I wrote. I only really found the first three bars, the rest is kinda fumbled together on autopilot to arrive at a properly closed piece.

I did have one “epiphany” while practicing this, though – notice how the melody dips down a few times? The left hand accompaniment and the right hand melody actually use the same keys here, and I was struggling at first with the melody being lost in the accompaniment – but then I found that if I put some more emphasis on the melody and made the accompaniment a bit quieter, they’re quite well distinguishable. I’m sure my piano teachers tried to teach me this in the past, but perhaps I’ll manage to internalize it better this time ☺

(I think this is an original composition, but I can’t deny a certain similarity to Ella Fitzgerald’s A Kiss Goodnight… it’s possible that it was in the back of my head, or something.)

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