This is a (possibly incomplete) list of my projects that you might be interested in, vaguely sorted by relevance / importance / usefulness.

Warning: last updated 2017-01-20, wildly outdated now. Heaven knows when I’ll update it again.

Project Language Project status Development status Time
ceylon.formatter Ceylon usable active autumn 2013 – present
ceylon.ast Ceylon usable active spring 2014 – present
ceylond Ceylon usable active summer 2016 – present
cformat Ceylon usable active winter 2016/2017 – present
CTSL TypeScript proof of concept active winter 2015/2016 – present
cheats Bash usable done fall 2013
linkStackTrace JavaScript usable done winter 2013/2014 – summer 2014
ColorTrompon Ceylon usable done fall 2014
ceylon-mode Emacs Lisp usable on hold summer 2015
Geohashing C# removed from store done spring 2013 – fall 2013 Ceylon work in progress on hold fall 2015
JFractalizer Java usable on hold summer 2012 – spring 2013
rfractalizer Rust proof of concept abandoned spring 2015
ceylon-ci Bash obsolete done spring 2015
ceylondecl Ceylon work in progress on hold spring 2015
javadoc2ceylondoc Ceylon usable done fall 2013